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About Us

I Love Chicas Academy is a place where ENERGY & ENTERTAINMENT turn into a COMMUNITY. We offer various group dance classes for women like Zumba, Twerk, Salsa, Afrolicious, L.A. Elite, Latin Mix, Jamaican Explosion & Fem-Fire mixing various dance styles together.
We also offer other services like entertainment at festivals, parties, weddings, educational workshops, custom-made choreographies and so much more.
One thing is guaranteed: With the I Love Chicas Team it is always fun!
We are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Q-Factory, Amsterdam


Address: Atlantisplein 1, 1093 NE Amsterdam

Directions: Studio: - 1.9 (take the stairs down to the basement next to the hotel reception, then turn right and walk all the way to the back).

Toilets available, no changing room.
Lockers on the first floor (2€ fee).


Address: Baarsjesweg 202, 1057 HS Amsterdam

Directions: Studio 2 (Once you enter go straight ahead towards the end where you find the studio by your ride side.)

Changing rooms, toilets, and air conditioning are available.
No lockers.

Meneer de Wit, Baarsjesweg 202, 1057 HS Amsterdam
Outdoor classes Amsterdam Rai


(During Summer Months Only)


Meeting point: Grand Cafe, Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam

Important: We may move to another location based on weather and availability, please make sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before the start to our meeting point.

Public toilets are available in the area.
No lockers or changing rooms.


I Love Chicas Academy




A full-body dance workout focused on techniques of various steps with music from all parts of the world. In this class you will master different dancing steps, but also focus on your mental wellness, the right posture of your body, build strong abs and booty while having a lot of fun.

Date, Time and locations:


Mondays 18:30 Q- Factory, Studio -1.09

Thursdays 19:30 Meneer de Wit, Studio 2

Saturdays 12:00 Q- Factory, Studio -1.09

In front of Rai Convention Centre (outdoors during Summer only)


Recommended: Towel, Water, Indoor shoes


The perfect class for everyone who dreams to start or improve their journey in Twerk.
You will learn basic and more advanced steps of this dance style, but also easy dance routines. Twerk beginners is a perfect class to strengthen your legs and booty, but also to increase hip flexibility and upper body strength while having plenty of fun!

Date & Time: Wednesdays 20:30

Location: Q- Factory, Amsterdam, Studio -1.09

Recommended: Knee pads, Towel, Water, Indoor shoes, Loose pants or shorts (no leggings)


Have you always dreamed of learning some Salsa moves? This is your opportunity to learn basic steps and easy-to-follow routines in our Salsa class for beginners (individuals, no partner needed). Come to learn with us and bring out your salsa side so you can rock it at the upcoming Latin party.

Date & Time: Currently not scheduled / available for private classes & workshops

Recommended: High heels or dance shoes, Water, Towel


A fun and feminine dance class for beginners who love Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Samba and other Latin American dance and music styles (individuals, no partner needed). Come and learn how to dance to the beat, a simple dance routine and all the basic steps you need to be a star at the upcoming Latin Dance party.

Date & Time: Thursdays 18:30 

Location: Meneer de Wit, Studio 2, Baarsjesweg 202, 1057 HS Amsterdam

Recommended: High heels or Dance shoes, Water, Shoes to change


Do you love afro dance? Afrolicious is a combination of afrobeat and dancehall with a sexy commercial twist. Get ready for some sweet and sassy beats from the tropics. Within one month you will learn fun and energetic choreography suitable for all levels. From sexy afro in heels to cool dancehall steps from Jamaica. What are you waiting for? Come tap into your power within!

New Choreography date: The first Monday of the month

Date & Time: Mondays 19:30

Location: Q- Factory, Amsterdam, Studio -1.09

Recommended: Knee pads, Towel, Water, Indoor shoes, High heels


In this class, you will not only learn about the origins of reggaeton, but also explore a profound connection with the music and your own being, unveiling a world of emotional and physical possibilities that you never imagined, and above all, with a lot of fun. The class is inspired by “Bellaqueo" which means to behave in a sexy and naughty way. We'll find our intern force to develop our own flow.  This class will feel like fire in each part of our bodies!

New Choreography date: The first Monday of the month

Date & Time: Mondays 20:30

Location: Q- Factory, Amsterdam, Studio -1.09

Recommended: Towel, Water, Indoor shoes


This class is all about joy and letting go! Do you love to dance to a large variety of Jamaican/Caribbean music? Join this class if you want to express yourself via Dancehall, Afro Dance, Soca, Bubbling and more! Let yourself go and feel the energy in your body while you learn powerful choreographies. Combining moves from various styles for the total EXPLOSION of rhythm, fun, and dance in one class. We assure you leave the class with a smile on your face and sweat all over your body. 

New Choreography date: The first Wednesday of the month

Date & Time: Wednesdays 18:30

Location: Q- Factory, Amsterdam, Studio -1.09

Recommended: Towel, Water, Indoor shoes


An all-level choreography dance class for women who like to explore their feminine side. Learn how to embrace this part of your identity, you won't regret it! We will work on dance techniques, but also on our flexibility, performance and appearance. Prepare yourself for up-tempo commercial songs, smooth bedroom vibes and a lot of floor work.

New Choreography date: The first Wednesday of the month

Date & Time: Wednesdays 19:30

Location: Q- Factory, Amsterdam, Studio -1.09

Recommended: Knee pads, Towel, Water, High heels or indoor shoes


In this class, the goals are Bounce ‘n’ Enjoy! Bounce because is the step foundation of the HipHop, and Enjoy because is the most important thing when we dance. We are going to work on steps, attitude, grooving and learning why the HipHop is a social dance. All this, through a cool choreography with R’n’B, Old School HipHop music and also the most recent HipHop hits. Always remembering to have fun and just dancing!

New Choreography date: The first Thursday of the month

Date & Time: Thursdays 20:30

Location: Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam, Studio 2

Recommended: Towel, Water, Indoor shoes

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Dance Academy Asmterdam
Yosery Petit Moncada

Yosery Petit Moncada

"It is my will to share my experience, knowledge and passion for sports, dance  and well-being with other women out there. I am driven by the feeling of helping people on their way to an improved version of themselves physically, but also mentally."

Dance styles: Twerk, Zumba, Latin

Guilty pleasure: Prosecco & Pop Corn


In my free time you can find me: Watching a movie.

Meet the team
About I Love Chicas

Zuzana Miraka

"Growing up in an entrepreneur family I have been a part of the business world since a very young age. From assisting my parents at various exhibitions to approaching potential clients, attending meetings and taking photographs to create proper marketing materials. I have been amused by the power of this world and how brand strategies, image, but also kindness can affect your business and your personal life. It is my passion to implement all I have learned in my life and use my skills and knowledge to support the Academy."
Zuzana Miraka

Skills: Photography, Design, Organization, Management

Guilty pleasure: Cocktails & Cakes

In my free time you can find me: Learning something new or freediving.

Manuela 2_edited.jpg

Manuela Borghetti

I was born and raised in Italy, but at I Love Chicas I found my groove as “adopted Latina”. Passionate about dancing and a natural networker, I seamlessly blend my skills to help our Academy thrive. As a part of the core team, I primarily focus on sales and partnerships, but I also ensure our events run smoothly and are packed with the maximum degree of fun. Feel free to reach out to if you see an opportunity to collaborate!

Skills: Project Management, Communications, Events

Guilty pleasure: Indulging in some greasy, fast-food pizza

In my free time you can find me: Hitting the dance floor with Latin mix, salsa or twerking - both at I Love Chicas classes and beyond, often joined by other “chicas”. When I’m not dancing, I’m soaking in precious moments with my little one.

Tianna Isabella Welsh

"Dance is a magical language. Ever since I was young I had a passion for it. I would dance any chance I got, to all sorts of music and styles. I think dance has the power to transform people physically and mentally. It has helped me to express myself and to gain confidence. And I want to share the power of dance and the joy it brings to those around me."

Dance styles: Afro-fusion, Dancehall,  Commercial, Hip-hop, Heels, Zumba

Guilty pleasure: Pizza

In my free time you can find me: Painting

Tianna Welsh
Mabel Escobar

Mabel Escobar

"Since I was a child I developed an endless passion for dance, especially for Salsa. I  identify with this music genre because I am from Cali, Colombia. The city of salsa! I made this tradition my own and I am happy to be able to bring it to Amsterdam. 
I consider myself a very active and positive dancer, always with a smile on my face making the people around me feel the energy that will last with them for days!"

Dance styles: Salsa, Twerk, Zumba, Latin, Go-go

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate & Hamburger

In my free time you can find me: Drinking beer in a bar or watching a sunset on a beach.

Hideliza Cruz

I am originally from Mexico City. I am a dancer, actress, videographer, communications specialist, and singer. Throughout my career, I have developed in various disciplines had the opportunity to enrich myself in all of them, and become a multidisciplinary artist. Lyrical jazz, street dance, reggaeton, musical theater, and especially performance are styles that deeply passion me. I always seek to fill my dance with stories so that when I have the opportunity to share them, they touch our souls, allowing us to find answers we didn't know we had within us.
Hideliza Cruz

Dance styles: Reggaeton, Lyrical Jazz, Musical Theatre, Commercial Dance, Performance, Zumba, Body Expression

Guilty pleasure: Sleeping all day and eating candies

In my free time you can find me: Making films, watching films and researching about them

Lana Andringa

Lana Andringa

"Dancing is my passion!
I have been dancing since I was 5 years old and teaching for almost 10 years, focusing on various energetic styles like Zumba, but also fitness and dance classes for kids. Over the years I have discovered that African and Jamaican dance styles are my favorite for expressing myself. Now I want to help you express yourself via these explosive and liberating dance vibes in my class.

Dance styles: Dancehall, Afro, Soca, Bubbling, Jamaican Explosion, Zumba

Guilty pleasure: Shopping for sneakers while I already have 40 pairs of sneakers.

In my free time you can find me: In the gym

Claudia Russo

The most beautiful thing about dance is how much it can make you feel good. When I listen to a song and I start to move on, I forget about my problems and I just enjoy the music. Indeed, for me, dancing means having fun and being happy! So if you want to do this through Hip Hop music, social steps and good vibes, you’re more than welcome to join my class!
Claudia Russo

Dance styles: Hip-hop, House, Popping, Zumba, Barre fit

Guilty pleasure: Lasagne with a lot of parmesan inside

In my free time you can find me: Spending time with the people that I love

Yasmine Gssime

Yasmine Gssime

"When I dance I have the ultimate feeling of freedom. I love experiencing different sides of myself while dancing and can help you to discover your feminine side as well! Everybody is welcome in my classes, together we will work towards performing feminine choreographies in a fun and relaxed way. You are very welcome to join! Also if you never danced before."

Dance styles: Heels, Commercial, Hip-hop, Twerk

Guilty pleasure: A hot and spicy meal in the morning

In my free time you can find me: Travelling around the world!

Elizabeth Mucklow

"As a fitness and health coach, my ambition is to help others feel amazing and strong in their body and mind. What better way to do it than through dance? Ever since I was a little girl dance helped me to express myself, overcome my own insecurities and to feel confident. Now it is my time to share my passion with you chicas! In a safe environment where you can let go, express yourself and have fun during my highly energetic classes. Be free, be you, let's dance!"
Elizabeth Mucklow

Dance styles: Open Dance Style, Hip-Hop, Heels, Contemporary, L.A. Elite Dance, Zumba

Guilty pleasure: Sushi

In my free time you can find me: Skating in a park.


Michael (Maiick) Torres

For as long as I can remember, I've known that dance would be a big part of my life's journey. Thanks to my Colombian roots, I carry passion for dance in every part of my body and make sure to share it with my students in every dance class because I believe dance is the best way to heal the soul and clear the mind.

I have a natural spark that can make you smile and help your body flow naturally. 

Dance styles: Zumba, Hip Hop, Latin, Afro, Reggaeton

Guilty pleasure: Burgers and oriental food

In my free time you can find me: At home enjoying life with good company

Excited to meet our team?


Fierce in Heels - 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

Fierce in Heels - 7 Rings by Ariana Grande