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  • I Love Chicas Academy is not liable for personal injuries, during, before and after classes.

  •  Every consumer is obliged to inform an instructor prior to a class in case of any special condition or injury.

  • Following the lessons and participating in various events at I Love Chicas Academy is at the consumer's own risk.

  • I Love Chicas Academy is not responsible for theft or damage to the personal property of a consumer.

Membership & Bookings

  • Membership is an entry ticket necessary to book and join a class in our Academy.

  • Single classes, class packages, and memberships are personal and cannot be used by another person

  • With a monthly membership, an amount is billed monthly on the same date automatically via the account/card provided during the purchase.

  • Membership is valid for the period stated in the terms of membership and cannot be canceled or refunded after the purchase.

  • If a membership is expired prior to a number of purchased classes being used, this number of classes will be marked as used and cannot be transferred to a new membership or to be refunded.

  •  If a monthly membership is purchased and you are unable to join a selected number of classes, these classes will be marked as used and can not be transferred to another month or to be refunded.

  • A 6-hour cancellation policy applies to all classes. A consumer that cancels 6 or more hours before the start of the class can rebook a class for another day/time via a member's account. In case of a “late cancel” (when a student tries to cancel or reschedule a class less than 6 hours before the start of the class) the fee for the class cannot be refunded and the full amount will be charged without any option for reimbursement.

  • I Love Chicas Academy will do everything within its power to let classes occur according to schedule. However, classes might be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances or if there are not enough participants. When this is the case I Love Chicas Academy will inform the consumer in advance and the consumer can use the membership for another day/time. It will not be possible to receive any refunds


  •  The client is obliged to pay the fee liable before the start of the (first) class. The client can pay using the online reservation system, which uses either iDeal, PayPal or Credit Card. After purchasing a monthly membership, all periodic payments after the first online payment will be made by preauthorized debit. 

  • Successful payment for membership is required in order to book a class in the Academy. Once the payment is successful an automated email will be sent to a consumer as a confirmation of purchase. 

  •  If an amount to be collected for whatever reason cannot be debited from the registered account/card, this amount must be paid within 30 days otherwise the membership will be canceled and a penalty for the consumer will apply.

  •  A refund for membership is not possible after the purchase.

Privacy & Documentation

  • I Love Chicas Academy will collect the personal data for a client database and will keep this information strictly confidential.

  •  I Love Chicas Academy will use personal data to inform clients about events and other activities via email or social media.

  • I Love Chicas academy may photograph and record classes and events.

  • If a consumer does not wish to be recorded or photographed, she can inform an instructor and/or stay aside during that time.

  • I Love Chicas Academy is eligible to share the content created during classes or events on various social platforms or for any other marketing purposes.

Other conditions

  • I Love Chicas Academy reserves the right to change the rates and terms and conditions without any notice.

  • Actions or special offers last only within the period specified and can not be extended or changed after the purchase.

  • Each member and consumer must follow the house rules and I Love Chicas Academy reserves the right, in cases of serious or repeated violation of the house rules or other proved unacceptable behavior, to terminate a membership without refund of any payment.

  • I Love Chicas Academy may be closed on bank holidays and may have an adapted schedule in the holiday periods. This will not lead to a reduction or refund of membership fees. Adapted schedules and cancellations will be announced in advance on the website and/or by e-mail.

Following the lessons and purchasing a membership at I Love Chicas Academy a consumer agrees with these terms and conditions.

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