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About i love chicas

I Love Chicas members are empowered women, that love to dance with passion and confidence. They are glamorous and full of energy looking to improve overall physical and mental health via medium to high-intensity dance workouts and other fun activities. 

The Academy's goal is to introduce various forms of dance-workouts, events, and other activities and deliver them in the most effective way for the purpose of health, fitness, fun, cultural learning, and entertainment in Amsterdam.

The magic of the Academy and the services we deliver are the tool to build confidence, self-esteem, fun, and a positive vibe!

- Yosery Petit Moncada

The founder and owner of the Academy

Our Services

We offer various services from group classes to entertainment at festivals, parties, weddings, educational workshops, custom-made choreographies, photoshoots and so much more.
One thing is guaranteed: With the I Love Chicas Team is always fun!
Please contact us for more information, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the best quote for your special event.

Meet The Team

Yosery Petit Moncada

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The founder of Academy,

Zumba, Twerk Beginners & Twerk Choreography

It is my will to share my experience, knowledge, and passion for sports, dance, and well-being with other women out there. I am driven by the feeling of helping people on their way to an improved version of themselves physically but also mentally.

Zuzana Miraka

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Strong Nation, Photography, Marketing

I have been in fitness for nearly 10 years. Educating myself about the function of the human body and how nutrition and training affect its function.  Our body and our mind are connected working like a machine that needs to stay in a balance on daily basis.

It is my honor to share my experience with people who seek a better, healthier, and happy life.

Mabel Escobar

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Salsa Caleña, Zumba, Twerk, Tropical Dance

Since I was a child I developed an endless passion for dance, especially for Salsa, as I hardly identify with this music genre because is a tradition from my hometown Cali in Colombia.

I consider myself a very active and positive dancer, always with a smile on my face making the people around me feel the energy that will last with them for days!

Elena Chiriatti

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Yin Yang Yoga, Zumba, Decades Dance

Since I was a little girl I couldn't hold my body when the music would start playing. Already 15 years of experience in multiple dance disciplines like jazz and modern dance.

Lately, I’ve been experiencing also the world of yoga, listening to my body and mind. Teaching is my biggest passion and having a chance to share knowledge and helping beautiful humans as YOU fills me with JOY.

Jovana França

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I would call myself an eternal apprentice, always learning, and if I do something I do it well. I have challenged myself since I was little and this eagerness for a challenge took me on a journey with Samba dance. 

A combination of these two abilities helped me to become a professional Samba dancer, performer, and dance instructor.

Now I challenge YOU to dance the Samba. 

Elizabeth Mucklow

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L.A. Elite Dance, Decades Dance, Zumba

As a fitness and health coach, my ambition is to help others feel amazing and strong in their body and mind. What better way to do it than through dance? Ever since I was a little girl dance helped me to express myself, overcome my own insecurities, and to feel confident. Now it is my time to share my passion with you chicas! In a safe environment where you can let go, express yourself, and have fun during my highly energetic classes. Be free, be you, let's dance!

Lana Andringa

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Jamaican Explosion, Zumba

Dancing is my passion!

I dance since I was 5 years old, and teach for almost 10 years focusing on various energetic styles like Zumba, but also fitness and dance classes for kids. Over the years I have discovered that African and Jamaican dance styles are my favorite for expressing myself, and now I want to help you express yourself via these explosive and liberating dance vibes in my class.



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A beautiful smile makes the sunshine.
I Love Chicas Team

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